D-Clone 540-032v
Creation And Destroy

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The future of noisecore is here. After two EP’s and several splits, D-CLONE have delivered their debut LP with the absolutely devastating CREATION AND DESTROY. From the first drum hit to the final scream, this record is above anything else in its genre. 11-tracks of absolutely over-the-top noise not music. Building on the strengths of their previous releases, D-CLONE crank up the intensity and give you one of the most blown out, fierce and groundbreaking releases to come out of Japan in the last decade. The production is above and beyond any of their peers and only adds to the ear piercing chaos that blasts its way from start to finish. A ton of new material as well as some re-recorded classics. This LP shows D-Clone at the top of their game and solidifies their spot as one of the most dedicated and passionate noisecore bands ever. Welcome to the new age of noise. WE MAKE NEXT GENERATION!!!

01. Creation And Destroy
02. M.K.P.F.
03. I Wish
04. Life Is...
05. Where Is It
06. Living In Chaos
07. Hatred
08. History Of Error
09. Weekendpunk
10. We Make Next Generation
11. Bright