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Rotting Out

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Looks can be deceiving. When you first see ROTTING OUT, you might see a group of collected, mild mannered individuals. This assumption may hold true until the second this reckless five piece hits the stage, at which point all hell breaks loose. Feeding off each other, the crowd and band form an unf*ckwithable union that has been known to break down all walls, both figurative and literal. Over the past two years, ROTTING OUT has been gathering a rabid fan base along the west coast with their thrashy hardcore that has the youthful energy of early DESCENDENTS and the unabashed intensity of BLACK FLAG and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Along with their intense touring and debut EP, Vandalized, ROTTING OUT is set to take over the punk AND hardcore scenes. ROTTING OUT is proud to wave the flag of Southern California and soon the world will know what the west coast has to offer.

01. Good Luck / Bad Days
02. Laugh It Up, Kid
03. Skin
04. Vandalized
05. City of Shame
06. From the Inside

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