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Nothing Left To Give

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Ayr is a black metal band from North Carolina, USA formed in 2009. Since the formation, Ayr’s line ups has shifted throughout their 3 current releases (Circling, Eternal Sustain & Nothing Left To Give). The core members remain Rick Contes (guitar, vocals) and Randy Baucom (drums) – both of critically acclaimed blackened crust group Young and in the Way.

Their latest offering “Nothing Left to Give” shows the band in their strongest form to date. Black metal with heavy atmosphere and driving rhythm. Fans of the genre will notice subtle shifts in style as the album progresses, from the intense and chilling “Starvation” to the album closer “Expiration” which borders on doom metal, and builds on a single melody and ends in an almost melancholic rock style, only with harsh vocals.

01. Thirst
02. Starvation
03. Hallucination
04. Expiration