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Lust For Youth
Saluting Rome

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Hannes Norrvide’s LFY doesn’t need any further introduction. The post-industrial synth-pop project was born in Goteborg, Sweden, a few years ago, joined by Amanda Eriksson. When she left, our man moved to Malmö (south Sweden) setting LFY as his personal solo project. Within this solitary passage Growing Seeds was written, the second amazing album which has just been repressed in the US by Sacred Bones. Meanwhile the boy has moved again, ending up in Copenhagen (pretty close to Malmö actually), where the whole Iceage/Vår/Posh Isolation thing is happening. So it was more than natural for Hannes to join those guys and for such a main character as Loke Rahbek to become the new LFY soldier. Saluting Rome is their latest recording as a duo.

Originally released by Loke’s Posh Isolation as a tour tape, the EP has now got its actual chance to make it on vinyl. I don’t really have to tell you much about the music here: you know you will find simple yet killer synth melodies, clockwork drum machines beats, youthful lyrics for underground ice-cold anthems. The record has been mastered specifically for vinyl by Viktor Ottosson (Street Drinkers, Blodvite, Niding) and comes on 12-inch cut at 45 Rpm for the best analog sound possible. The tracklist is also different from the tape edition and features the totally unreleased track First Touch. Five more songs by one of our favorite bands going on out there in the cold North of Europe that will help us make it through the upcoming frosty months.

01. Saluting Rome
02. Virgins Hold Hands
03. First Touch
04. OSK
05. Ecstacy

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