BoySetsFire B9R187v
While A Nation Sleeps...

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BoySetsFire's While a Nation Sleeps... is the band's first full-length in more than seven years. After a three-year hiatus that saw the post-hardcore veterans lend their time to projects like the Casting Out and Young Lady, the band reconvened in 2010 and soon set to work on some of their truly heaviest, most aggressive and scathing material to date—as well as some of their most melodic. With their signature mix of political and personal themes set to a surprisingly dynamic musical backdrop, long-time fans and even newcomers should find something to enjoy here.

01. Until Nothing Remains
02. Closure
03. Heads Will Roll
04. Phone Call (4 a.m.)
05. Everything Went Black
06. Save Yourself
07. Reason to Believe
08. Far from Over
09. Let It Bleed
10. Never Said
11. Wolves of Babylon
12. Altar of God
13. Prey