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The UK’s Goodtime Boys recently wrapped recording twelve new songs that will compose their first proper full-length album, Rain, which is set to hit stores on May 20th via Bridge Nine Records. Rain was recorded by Lewis Johns (new member of GTB) at The Ranch in Southampton and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, and features some of the band’s most aggressive songs ever written alongside some of their most melodic songs yet. The band spent several months penning the album and welcomed two new members—Lewis Johns (guitar) and Casey McHale (drums)—to the fold, which created a fresh start for the band, and the overall vibe of Rain showcases that. “Rain is a bit different from our older stuff and represents the changes our band has gone through over the last year or so,” commented bassist Leigh McAndrew.

01. Washout
02. Wallflower
03. Doubt
04. Life Moves
05. Dandelion
06. Hypocrisy
07. Cloudbursts
08. Moral Decay
09. Daydreamer
10. Folsom
11. Newspaper Sky
12. Downpour