Motherboar BORNOF001v
The Beast Becomes The Servant

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Motherboar are a gang of deviants from Boston, hell-bent on bringing their metal n' roll majesty to the masses. Since 2004, Motherboar have mashed up influences spanning 30 years of loud and heavy music to create their own unique sound. Crushingly heavy with weird guitar games being played and a rhythm section that you could use to kill a puma, Motherboar aren’t happy just being a heavy band, they need to inject real weight into what they do. The songs push down on your body like a massive boulder, driving you to want to burn shit down until the record ends.

Live nothing comes close to Motherboar’s mammoth freight train performance having shared the stage with such comrades as BARONESS, THE SWORD, JUCIFER, INTRONAUT, RWAKE, STINKING LIZAVETA, BLACK COBRA, ORANGE GOBLIN, and DOOMRIDERS. MOTHERBOAR have slayed audiences with their intensity, charismatic stage presence, and capacity for onstage alcohol consumption. Frontman Kenny Irwin smashes across the stage like an animal unleashed while the entire band play as if it was for their very lives. There’s a quiet and lethal desperation to what Motherboar do and it helps to produce some of the best extreme music out there right now.

Motherboar have recently completed a new LP called “The Beast Becomes the Servant” released on January 18th, 2011 on Born of Fire Records. Produced and recorded by the band’s own Benny Grotto (Solace, Gang Green, Sasquatch, Dresden Dolls, and was named the winner of the 2010 Boston Music Award for Best Producer) at Mad Oak studios in Boston, this album is their most brutal and cutting edge effort to date. Incorporating dense layers of instrumentation, a more experimental approach to writing, and featuring guest vocals by Jonah Jenkins of ONLY LIVING WITNESS. Created as an entire album verses a collection of songs The Beast Becomes The Servant paints a complete picture of devastation that leaves you destroyed and wanting more. Motherboar have also won the 2010 Boston Music Award for Best Local Metal/Hardcore band.