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Burning Love

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The first vinyl offering from Toronto’s BURNING LOVE featuring Chris Colohan (CURSED, LEFT FOR DEAD, RUINATION) on vocals. Originally released as a limited cassette demo in 2009, now available on vinyl. Definitely more punk than CURSED but still rooted stoner / doomy metal hardcore. 4 originals and one cover. 2nd 7” and LP coming out soonish on DERANGED and a full USA and Canadian tour later this year. Review from EXCLAIM ‘While the name may deceive, there's no love ― just burning ― on this Toronto, ON-based quintet's energetic and completely grimy debut recording. Comprised of six tracks blasted out in ten minutes, the garage-based endeavour is shockingly debaucherous and unkempt. Essentially comprised of former Cursed vocalist Chris Colohan and Hamilton doom-y hardcore outfit Vatican Chainsaw Massacre, this sinister collaboration spawns a dirtier punk'n'roll-based hardcore outfit than one would anticipate. Their drive elicits comparisons to Disfear, Holland's the Spades, back in their Learnin' The Hard Way era, and of course, Colohan's deep-rooted adoration for Winnipeg, MB's dearly departed Kittens, offering an element of downbeat-heavy tracks bathed in primal angst. Keenly restrained enough to be melodic but still abrasive and loud, Burning Love offer up what's best described as the pelvis-driven distillation of their feeder bands. And that is great but pretty frustrating when such an awesomely primitive, rudimentary style can be so inspiring and brusque yet ephemeral.’

Track Listing:
01. Lives of the Saints
02. Alien vs Creditor
03. Money Shots
04. I Don't Like You
05. Burning Love

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