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Horror Show
Notes From The Night That Never Ended
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01. Practicing Uncertainty
02. Our Design
03. The Last Steel Mile
04. Inconsiderate Me
05. Seconds To South
06. Stuck Again
07. Broken Record
08. Boston
09. 76 Hours
10. Stay Gold
11. Holiday
12. One For The Angels
13. The Four Of Us Are Dying
14. Rorrim

"Notes From The Night That Never Ended" is the final vinyl collection of all existing Horror Show recordings.

"We (Horror Show) started playing around 2000. It was a good time cause' Josh, Matt, and myself finally started having a knack for writing music together after playing in a couple punk and hardcore bands… We really enjoyed the thought of leaving Philadelphia as often as possible and touring was always our ultimate goal. As time marched on I found myself in a bit of trouble and inevitably we would have to put Horror Show on hold for 2 years. It was tough to leave behind something that meant so much to us and our friends and those years would prove to be more unforgiving than any of us would have ever thought. With the death of Dan (Stone) and Josh (Tshirlig), within just two years of each other, too many legs had been kicked off of our table and we put the band to rest… Yeah, I think it will always be meaningful to all of our friends. It will always remind me of what unique goodness can come out of something that sometimes, is not so good."

- Domenic "Nicky Money" Palermo

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Notes From The Night That Never Ended


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