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Self Defense Family
I'm Going Through Some Shit
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01. I'm Going Through Some Shit
02. All Fruit Is Ripe

This first installment of Self Defense Family's "Island Series" of recordings.

Recorded at Tuff Gong Studio in Kingston Jamaica, these songs capture the unique energy of the legendary studio that Bob Marley founded.

"Heavy" is a odd word to invoke when discussing Self Defense Family. Up to this point, the band could be described as tense and challenging, but rarely heavy in the contemporary sense. On this release a "heavy" impression is unavoidable, as Self Defense Family emotionally engages listeners like few others can.

In both songs that make up the release, discordant melodies dance around plodding/building percussion, while Pat Kindlon's croons animate his trademark lyrical wit. Ultimately all of this ignites their torch of DC influence into the mesmerizing inferno that is so unique to them. Beautiful yet flawed, uplifting, yet at the same time, depressing. Without question, this is human music for those reaching for something unpretentious in a world of posturing and temporary trends. A stunning release that does more in two songs than many bands potentially do in a lifetime.

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