Living Eyes DW138DS
Living Eyes
Who Will Remain?
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A crude time capsule of 2012 U.S. Hardcore played with pulverizing earnest intensity. Living Eyes follow up their last year's "Starve for Agony" 7"EP with an eleven song raging beast: "Who Will Remain?". Straight and to the point hardcore architecture exacted with maniacal and raw playing, overt bass/drum rhythm driven intensity with screaming chaotic distorted guitar, harsh guttural vocals. A stomper start to finish.

01. Who WIll Remain?
02. Condemned
03. Show Me Blood
04. Bring Out The Fight
05. Craven Dictators
06. Penance
07. Destroyed Again
08. Dismissed In Time
09. Contender
10. Whose Call?
11. Pushing Back