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Reign Supreme
Testing The Limits Of Infinite

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Reign Supreme are one of the heaviest/hardest metallic hardcore bands to surface from Philadelphia. Led by former Blacklisted member Jay Pepito on vocals, they wield the same devastating musical hammer as bands like Crowbar, Terror, and Integrity. Yet come out swinging with a conviction and rage unlike anyone before them.

"Testing The Limits Of Infinite" is Reign Supreme's highly anticipated debut full length album. Produced by Will Putney at The Machine Shop (Lamb Of God, VOD, Every Time I Die), "Testing The Limits..." takes the accessible metallic hardcore foundation popularized by many, and injects a fresh warm blood deep within it. The result is a new breed of anthemic metallic hardcore; immaculately executed, intensely heavy, and refreshingly unpredictable. Songs like "Persevere And Overcome" and "Slipping Away" smash through expectations with earth moving power, while the introspective instrumental "Waiting" as well as the winding "To Live And Die (In Vain)" show a sonic diversity rarely found in heavy music. Proving that Reign Supreme are a true anomaly in today's music world, playing the role of both the hammer and the nail.

Track Listing:
01. Mother Superior
02. Saving Grace
03. Persevere and overcome
04. Apostle
05. Crushed By The Weight
06. In Absentia
07. Failure
08. Waiting
09. And What Comes My Way
10. False Prophets
11. Slipping Away
12. To Live And Die (In Vain)
13. A Ghost In This City

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