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Lewd Acts
Black Eye Blues
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Lewd Acts' brand of raw noise reeks of true soul and stunning originality. Opting to embrace their pre-1988 punk and hardcore influences, they collectively shun metal tendencies of todays hardcore scene. Vocally crooning and sonically winding their way through each song in ways that are continuously moving and exciting.

Their latest album "Black Eye Blues" was engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studios. "Black Eye Blues" shows Lewd Acts growing right before our eyes, splitting shoes as they evolve at a monstrous rate. Their razor sharp precision and dynamic instrumentation continues to reach passed punks limitations while embracing it in spirit. All of this is a vivid backdrop for vocalist Tyler Densley's poetically bruising storytelling. His gruff candor is unforgettable; Sad, tragic, and true to life. Songs like the thematic pairing "You Don't Need Me" and "I Don't Need You" are a true example of this. While the epic closer "Nowhere To Go" proves that Lewd Acts are comfortable creatively coloring outside the lines. Habitually defying the rules as they artistically redefine what is real rebellion in song.