Hardcore ABC Zine HCABC001
Hardcore ABC
by Marc Stromberg

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The idea behind HARDCORE ABC:
Twenty-six people within the hardcore punk community each got a different letter from the alphabet. They were asked to write about a subject of their choice that started with the letter they were given. A story, an object, a place, a snack, a movie etc.

Featuring: Claes Nordin Tärby (Anchor)
Ricky Singh (Backtrack)
Meghan O’Neil (Punch)
Jay Pepito (Reign Supreme)
Sean Ingram (Coalesce)
Steve Brodsky (Cave In)
David Wood (Down To Nothing, Terror)
John Porcelly (Youth Of Today, Judge)
Shelby Cinca (Frodus)
Mike Hood (Hoods)
Gary Gunwald (Naysayer)
Greg Bennick (Trial)
Ben Russin (Title Fight)
Matt Miller (Most Precious Blood)
Sam Trapkin (Trapped Under Ice)
Dennis Merrick (Earth Crisis)
Chris Linkovich (Cruel Hand)
Christian Medaas (Death Is Not Glamorous)
Chris Wrenn (Bridge Nine Records)
Andrew Kline (Strife)
Justice Tripp (Trapped Under Ice)
Kent McClard (Ebullition Records)
Matthew Fox (Shai Hulud)
Scott Vogel (Terror)
Dave Quiggle (Disciple A.D., Shockwave)
John Lacroix (Ten Yard Fight)

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