Deep Pockets IRP012v
Deep Pockets
You Feel Shame

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Deep Pockets are a post-hardcore quartet from various parts of New York. They play thoughtful, distorted, melodic, frustrated music. Heavy-but-jangly distorted guitar and a swirling rhythm section hover around impassioned, assured vocals, all the instruments and vocals holding level then exploding into distortion at the drop of a hat. The music that Deep Pockets plays channels their influences– Silkworm & other 1990s midwestern posthardcore– and makes it new again, relocating this distinctive sound to Deep Pockets' territory– the outer boroughs of New York City.

01.Figure It Out
02. Grimke
03. The K
04. At The Helm
05. Stanley Street Justice
06. Mid Many Wrinkles
07. Alterated
08. Eat People
09. Henry Harold
10. Hobby
11. Neither Of Those Are Mine