Tough Luck LASTANTH017v
Tough Luck
Fifth Column

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From McDonald Hardcore Blog: "Tough Luck is a very young Hardcore band from Richmond, Virginia. Did I mention that they are young? Tough Luck is a group of young energetic kids that pack a hard punch. Tough Luck had a 5 song demo that was released last January, now they have an upcoming brand new EP with 7 songs. Their songs are very complex with a huge impact which hits you in the face. Tough Luck’s new upcoming EP “The Fifth Column” is an absolute masterpiece, I have spent hours bedroom moshing to. Yeah I said it bedroom moshing, the music is that good. Their music is loud, fast, and angry which leads back to Richmond’s own Swamp Thing when they were younger. They have songs that everyone can relate to, songs about friends, liars, religion, and Straight Edge. One of the new songs features David Wood from Down To Nothing and another with Richmond’s favorite Andrew Carr. It would be no surprise that in a few years Tough Luck will be playing shows outside of Richmond and have a bigger crowd. The new EP “The Fifth Column” will be available this summer on Last Anthem Records, expect to be blown away."

01. Backbiter
02. Fixes Of Hurt
03. Descend
04. Ugly Faces
05. Fifth Column
06. Lay Waste
07. Low Life