Bl'ast LORD189v

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In early-2013, Bl'ast! guitarist Mike Neider contacted Southern Lord with news that he had found some mysterious old Bl'ast! master tapes in an abandoned storage locker. They were sent to a studio to be baked as the tape quality had deteriorated...they were 25 years after all. Once they had been baked and the audio information had been transferred digitally it was time to find out just what was on these mysterious tapes.

Southern Lord contacted long time Bl'ast! fiend Dave Grohl about mixing this recording and his response was an enthusiastic, "Fuck yeah! Let's do this!" Once inside Grohl's famous 606 studios and with the Neve console featured in his documentary Sound City, a completely unheard, unreleased Bl'ast! recording session from the mid-80s was brought to life.

The band is absolutely on fire on this recording, a line-up augmented by second guitarist William Duvall (Neon Christ) who had moved from his hometown of Atlanta out to Santa Cruz on a tip from mutual friends Corrosion of Conformity to join the band at the time. Duvall is now the new vocalist/guitarist for Alice In Chains.

From the thunderous bass intro of "Only Time Will Tell" to the apocalyptic warnings of "Its In My Blood" the album completely rips and rages from start to finish. All parties involved were completely amazed at how vibrant, unique and new the material sounded. Blood is a crucial purchase for any current hardcore fiend as well as all fans of the band from back in the day. Mastered by Brad Boatright (OFF!, Sleep, High on Fire, Nails).

1. Only Time Will Tell
2. Sshh!
3. Sometimes
4. Winding Down
5. Look Into Myself
6. Your Eyes
7. Tomorrow
8. Poison
9. Sequel
10. Something Beyond
11. It's In My Blood