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Bone Dance
Self Titled

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Bone Dance takes the grime and gravelly glut of the band’s previous work, the self-released Snakecharmers, and reevaluates not only its intensity, but also the band’s heritage: retooling the ferocity of hardcore, the technical acumen of extreme metal, and the minimal gauze of sludge and doom. This is the kind of tight, controlled, anvil-heavy music that only comes out of an area dominated by the Religious Right, the Conservative Coalition, and some of the most culturally repressive mechanisms in America.

With a desert-driven nihilism, the band proves yet again that the frontier isn’t innovation—the frontier is misery.

01. Comfort
02. Burnout
03. Conniver
04. Writing In Ecstasy
05. White Guilt
06. West
07. Children Having Children
08. Barren
09. The Skinny
10. Feral

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