Antichrist Demoncore

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It would be a great disservice to have ACxDC's bio longer than their average song, but suffice it to say, their debut LP-- a full length that has been a literal decade in the making -- is as crushing, chaotic, and spiteful as ever. Although most of Antichrist Demoncore's fans hail from the powerviolence troupe, the Los Angeles quintet take a more dynamic approach to their song-writing on this record. Bursting at the seams with equal parts thrash-y, grind-y goodness and mid-tempo heavy handed hardcore, ACxDC carve their name into the aggressive music niche with fervor and intent. So, what do you get when you mix a DJ, a vegan, some straightedge, some malt liquor, In n Out, and a twin brother together? A damn good record.

Recorded by Taylor Young of Nails/Twitching Tongues at The Pit Studios, mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise, High on Fire) at Audioseige Studios

"Powerviolence warriors" - NOISEY

"Antichrist Demoncore is a blasting, hardcore/punk, powerviolence fueled adrenaline rush of skull crushing greatness. 9/10" - METAL INJECTION

"The quintet can start, stop, and shift with the skills of Lack of Interest, bruise bodies and eardrums by way of Crossed Out breakdowns, and stealthily slip a knife under your guard a la Slap A Ham's finer satirists." - INVISIBLE ORANGES

01. Destroy Create
02. Misled
03. Paid In Full
04. Vegangelical
05. Holmes
06. Overstimulated
07. Cheap Punks
08. Hipler Youth
09. Savior Complexxx
10. Endless Failure
11. Blood
12. Dead Cops
13. Keep Sweet
14. Lifeless
15. Filicide
16. Give Up

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