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Paul Walker

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Consisting of Patrick Kindlon (End of A Year, Self Defense Family), Chris Villeneuve (drums), Nick Cogan (guitar), Cory Galusha (guitar) and Pat Wynne (bass), Drug Church is the sound garbage makes when thrown off a roof into the dumpster your dickhead boss rented for your underpaying contractor gig. Come back in a few weeks and steal the copper piping because there's no other benefit to the job and you're probably getting sick from asbestos, so to hell with it.

Borrowing heavily from bands like Seaweed and Quicksand, Drug Church released their debut, self-titled EP in July of 2012, the perfect record to listen to as you skate home from your night shift cleaning up puke in the bathroom of a Steak & Shake. It even scored the band a spot on Alternative Press’ “100 Bands You Need To Know” list earlier this year!

2013 rolled around the guys took a break from delivering pizzas and entered the studio to record their first full-length, Paul Walker; surely named for their secret obsession with ‘Varsity Blues’ and ‘Eight Below.’ And the thought of letting these dudes wild again in the studio scared the shit out of No Sleep President Chris Hansen; rightfully so!

"No Sleep offered us a bunch of money and suggested producers to record this LP with and we said, 'Bro. You forgot the struggle, you forgot the streets,” Kindlon says. “We're recording this as the coregods intended: Quick and nasty.' So what's what we did. Pushpit."

Nonetheless, they guys somehow managed to crank out ten of the gnarliest tracks you’ll hear all year long, including the new song, “Donny’s Woods.”

"For everyone who ever thought about faking their own death, we present 'Donny's Woods' a song about how quickly people will forget about your ass," Kindlon tells AltPress.com.

One thing people won’t forget though is how awesome Paul Walker is...oh and the album is pretty good too!

01. Thinking About Joining Drug Church
02. Reading Youtube Comments
03. Clifton Country
04. Shopping For a Belt
05. Donny’s Woods
06. Learning To Speak British
07. Attending a Cousin’s Birthday Party
08. Deconstructing Snapcase
09. Thrill Hill
10. Riding the Bus To Schenectady

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