Subrosa PRL123v
More Constant Than The Gods

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Going even further with their musical expression and singular take on doom rock/metal, the Salt Lake City siren-led contingent have delivered their heaviest, darkest, most majestic and most musically-advanced album yet. Following up the new album’s predecessor “No Help For The Mighty Ones”, with “More Constant Than The Gods” SUBROSA’s sonic amalgam of low-end amplifier worship doom rock/metal, stirring neo-classical chamber music (courtesy of the dual electric violins which have become even more prominent and potent in their role with the new album) and Americana goth folklore tragedy, bears witness in a more epic, moving, and monolithic expression on the band’s most accomplished work yet. Where all musicianship and instrumentation is taken to its next logical level on “More Constant Than The Gods”, this new SUBROSA album will define the band as one of the most prominent and creative bands in doom metal today.

Tracked by drummer Andy Patterson in the band’s hometown and mixed and mastered in Sweden by Marduk bass player Devo Andersson in Endarker Studios.

01. The Usher
02. Ghosts Of A Dead Empire
03. Cosey Mo
04. Fat Of The Ram
05. Affliction
06. No Safe Harbor