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The Tower & The Fool
How Long

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THE TOWER & THE FOOL initially started as a songwriting project between friends Alex Correia and Chris Rosenquest. As writing and recording progressed, the duo added the drumming of their producer/friend Mike Poorman (ex-HOTROD CIRCUIT), Jon Tucker on bass, Zac Clark on keys, and longtime friend Chris Capaldi on lead and slide guitars. After hearing the songs with their full instrumentation, Correia and Rosenquest decided to permanently add the additional lineup, making THE TOWER & THE FOOL a full time band.

How Long is THE TOWER & THE FOOL’s debut full-length and follow-up to their critically acclaimed Run For Cover 7”/EP XIII. Reverb-y warmth weaves its way through THE TOWER & THE FOOL’s dynamic Americana indie rock instrumentation and tuneful, yearning vocals. Upbeat tracks like the tambourine shaking “Dive Bar” drip with a Springsteen-esque working class desperation. In contrast, sorrowful ballads showcase the group’s depth and knack for arrangement behind impossibly catchy melodies and heartrending storytelling.

01. Dive Bar
02. Scoliosis
03. Broken
04. Fade Away
05. How Long
06. My Heart Is Dead In NYC
07. Valentine’s Day
08. Breach
09. Die Alone
10. Who Does She Think She Is?