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A Storm Of Light / Nadja
Primitive North

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Every few years arises a collaboration that stands to test the myriad "split" releases that get haphazardly scrapped together. "Primitive North" is a shining example of what two strong bands can amass when their forces are joined together.

Reaching well beyond their debut album, "And We Wept the Black Ocean Within", A STORM OF LIGHT has entered intense uncharted territories. Fusing delicate melodies with oppressive dirge metal and dense atmospherics, STORM have truly come into their own with these two phenomenal tracks. Contagious, hypnotic and haunting... although no major surprise considering A STORM OF LIGHT is helmed by frontman Josh Graham, who cut his teeth as the visual artist for NEUROSIS and founding member of both RED SPAROWES and BATTLE OF MICE.

The prolific duo of NAJA delivers one truly massive, 20+ minute epic of blissful genius. Their track consists of their patented molasses-thick wall of super-dense fuzz and surprisingly tuneful white noise spanning the spectrum of what NADJA is: a true behemoth of stark, glacial-paced sludge. Shapeshifting from a serene and uplifting aural setting to an absolutely soul-crushing Broadrick-esque industrial nightmare, NADJA is a beast of many faces.

On "Primitive North" we get the best of both worlds, as volatile remixes also accompany these original works. Each band has reconfigured the other’s material, resulting in remixes that compliment the original songs well, and near-perfectly blend the two groups together. Adding to all of this is stunning original artwork by Graham, packaged in a beautiful 5-color gatefold sleeve with a CD version of the same material included inside with the double vinyl LPs. Last but not least, the flipside of the remix LP has laser-etched artwork, helping A STORM OF LIGHT and NADJA take the whole concept of a "split" release to the next level.

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