Floor ROBO108DLXv
Self Titled - Deluxe Edition
12"LP + 7"EP

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The reunited Floridian stoner-pop crew have given their self-titled debut the reissue treatment. Teaming up with Robotic Empire to deliver an expanded vinyl edition, along with the now classic album is a bonus 7-inch featuring three outtakes recorded during the album sessions

This Deluxe "Hall of Fame" Edition boasts additions of a printed dust sleeve, ull Decibel "Hall of Fame" feature transcription, plus a patch & sticker.

01. Scimitar
02. Return To Zero
03. Downed Star
04. Iron Girl
05. Night Full Of Kicks
06. Twink
07. Sneech
08. Assassin
09. Kallisti - Song For Eris
10. Ein (Below And Beyond)
11. Figured Out
12. Tales Of Lolita
13. Triangle Song
14. Bombs To Abbadon
15. Xian (The Jingle-Jangle Of A Thousand Lost Souls)
16. Stalker

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