The Beauty Between

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Yoohoo! Can we please explain how hard we worked on this record?! I will copy in this text and it will not even come close to touching the hundreds and hundres (dare i say millions) of hours and tears and takes and thoughts and rewrites and inventions and snacks and walks to the Puge and... and... and... We are very very excited to unleash this BEAST!!!!!! One year smooshed and condensed into 42 minutes of sheer roller coaster excitement!

01. The Seam
02. LMD
03. Spider Song
04. Old Dogs
05. Wrong Way/One Way
06. Big Lie
07. Paper Thin
08. Rainspell
09. Ocean Song
10. The Hunger Suite I. Go Away
11. The Hunger Suite II. Bleed Out
12. The Hunger Suite III. Hunger
13. Elephant Song
14. Party Queen