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Mindset- Collection LP In celebration of 30 crucial records and the subsequent liquidation of two of the label's landmark releases, REACT! Records and MINDSET are proud to announce their latest collaboration; the MINDSET EP Collection (RXR-XXX). The product of a bond formed in the back of rusting, heat-less cargo van/ death trap hurtling relentlessly through the frigid winter of 2007 during the waning days of The First Step, the REACT!/MINDSET relationship has developed from two up-and-comers to arguably one of the most crucial pairings of recent memory. The EP Collection resurrects and combines the out-of-print R E A L P O W E R (the record that started it all) with the band's raging sophomore release (also out of print!), Time & Pressure, onto a 45rpm 12". All tracks have been remixed by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations in Baltimore, and remastered by Carl Saff in Chicago, who ware able to collectively bring even more power and intensity to the MINDSET sound we've come to know and love. As always, graphics on this release were handled by Ev Wivell (vocals) and feature classic tour photography by Chris Bavaria (bass) from both eras of the band as well as live shots by Todd Pollock and Dan Gonyea. All this and more has been formatted into a gatefold LP, BOLD style! Each copy will come with a digital download.

01. Create/Control
02. Waste
03. Building Tomorrow
04. Hardscape
05. Hear Me Now
06. Witness
07. Be The Spark
08. Words
09. Truth
10. Before I Sleep

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