Dad Punchers SEALEGS001DS
Dad Punchers
Self Titled
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When you hear the term "Side Project" you immediately think of mediocre songs, by members of bands you love. But every now and then there's an exception to that rule. Dad Punchers is that exception. Elliot Babin, drummer of Touche Amore and DNF, has been busy. Since 2009, he has found himself on a demanding eight months out of the year tour schedule. In the brief interludes back home in L.A., Babin started writing and recording his own songs. The result is Dad Punchers, a nostalgic, sometimes searing dissection of Babin's life and the people he has met in his time abroad. The 11 tracks on this "bummer punk" debut LP touch on gender roles, codependency, romantic comedy films, consumerism, body image, dwelling on the past, and living while always moving.

Dad Punchers s/t LP was recorded at Alex Estrada's Earth Capital Studios with Joyce Manor's Matt Ebert playing bass and providing backup vocals.

01. Tire Swing
02. Redwoods
03. E. Coli
04. Post-Coital Tristesse
05. Morningside
06. Dirty Dishes & The Mold
07. Cul De Sac
08. Bug Flipper
09. Backstock
10. Rom Com
11. Self-loathing