Barge VINCON001v
No Gain

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Richmond, VA's BARGE finally deliver the highly anticipated follow up to their 2012 demo with the raging "NO GAIN E.P.!" Clocking in eight tracks at just under nine minutes (for those of you with short attention spans), this debut EP brings the blistering speed and ferocity of classics like INFEST and NO COMMENT, while laying you out flat with heavy breaks reminiscent of classic early 80's Boston. BARGE's intensity both live and on record are the reason they are one of the best new hardcore bands coming out of RVA these days, and it's about time for everyone else to hear why! This release also marks the beginning of the new and improved, locals-only VINYL CONFLICT LABEL!

01. Keep Your Money
02. Wasting Away
03. Your Lies
04. Live For Pain
05. Where's The Violence
06. Time To Learn
07. Don't Know The Truth
08. Plague